Why HTML Is Essential for Update Technology?

The first think learning Way abut Html:The modern and It technological world is the best important for communication system, this communication system is best for warless communication system, like Web technology.
Definition of Essential html: I think I Need any kind of web site this is for Need Html because web thinking for html is first step.
HTML: Hyper text  Markup language(HTML),New comer Designer for html  is easy way for web site creation.
All Method/Tag for Html: See the Bellow of html tag
1)     Empty  tag.
2)     Cantina tag.
3)     Table tag.
4)     Image type tag.
5)     Text type tag.
6)     Linking tag.
7)     From using tag.
8)     More essential tag.
How benefit all html tag: If I know in list of all tag this more knowledge for create any kind of templates design.
What is template: first I give you web site definition, any kind of html site is call static web site mean static information system, this communication system for this home page that call template like information presentation by html.
Creative template Design for which element best: I explain essential for using
1)     Graphics Design.
2)     Illustrator.
3)     Gif animation.
4)     Html.
5)     Html5
6)     Css
7)     Css3
This is best create for Unique template design and web site creation.
Coding style of Html:
I will provide to your help detail in html next post……

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