Basic Networking Tips for Network security and Wireless Network:

Basic Networking:A network is a group of Computer,and one to one computer,basic network mean hardware combination match network,like I will share my data others computer this is the more system,
1) Local area connection
2) One to One pc; Cross connection
3) One to multi pc state connection;
This system use in local network,some of the part match hardware,Bios setting,hardwar configaration etc
Basic Network Instrument:basic Network for is most essential
*)  Connector.
*) Cable.
*) Switch.
*) Cater.
*) Tester.
What is Basic Networking Connector:Connector Mean Cable path for cable connectabity,R-j 45 connector.
Type Of Cable:
1)R-j 45 cable.
2)Optical fiber cable.
3)Coaxial cable.
4)Twisted pair cable.
What is Switch: Network Connection Establish For switch use this media for networking.
Networking Type:lots of Networking type
1)Business Networking type.
2)Wireless Networking type.
3)Social Network.
4)software network
5)Security network
6)Ml M Network
Types of Wireless Network: wireless net work of definition
This network we use without cable connection just use by Ethernet this is call wireless network
1)Radio communication
2)Television communication
3)satellite communication
4)Rader communication
Computer Networking:this modern it technology is the most important computer network,like lan,man ,wan this is the most popular system for this situation and communication.

Netwriting I will provide step by step Networking system.

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  1. Isn't this setting also useful for playing games with friends in the same network? Game like half life, counter strike and whatsoever