Update Important Topic For html5,By New Idea

What is Html5?:The Full abbreviation for “HTML”standard for Heper Text Markup language,it is the standard formating language for Web site creation.html provides short codes ,this is called tag.html5 is responsible for image,audio,video,any kind of player,this is very easy way for player updaing system,HTML5 is the next revision of HTML and it will be released in 2012 .in 2008 the w3c published its first working draft of HTML5 currently.
Why HTML5 and why should for advance web technology:HTML5 is very essential for web creation smart technology,we should learn it every tag for knowledge develop,HTML5 give us Update edditing system and player motivation system,this language use is very strong tag for security system.
Why it’s Not Browser supportable :Yes the Newest the browser like Opera,and Firfox,Chrome support HTML5 but Nothing,you have to code all the css3 defferntly so html5 is not all broser compabelity.
Is your Site Ready for HTML5:if you use HTML5 code you should use browser compability code,then your site is ready for user friendly,not for browser any kind of device easy way support is possible,then your site is ready for condidering.
Flash Vs HTML5 In Google Chrome:I think flash is a presentaion part,Now this situation is create like flash movement,any kind of presentation,and chome and firefox supportable,this is very essential for HTML5 user mean Web designer and Gaming technology.

How HTML5 Will change Your Website:if you create your on web site by html4 this is more limitaion,and html5 is some advance content and tag this is can more,changing your site,new video and audio advance system,flash movi system.

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