Step by step most popular guid line for PHP programming and php emiol form

What is PHP: PHP is asever scripting language,and is a powerful tool for making dynamic web site and application.
PHP is use world wid so that it is very important for programming life.

Over view of PHP:
1)PHP Introduction
2)PHP install
3)PHP Syntax
4)PHP variables
5)PHP Echo/Printft
6)PHP Data type
7)String of Php
9)Operator of PHP
10)If..Else /else if
11)Swithc of PHP
12)While Loop
13)For loop
16)Sorting of array
17)Form handling
18)Form Validation
19)Form Required
20)Form URL/E-mail
21)Form Complete
Without this php lotst of function and programming c full system is use in c.

Next Tutorial for PHP Installaton system:

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